Advertise On Funndu.

Please provide our Marketing Team with some information so that we can work together to define the plan that best suits your need

Advertisment  Types

•       Sponsored Events

1.       Advertiser sponsors live event of celebrities

2.       Advertiser and Funndu Marketing Team works together to define the campaign recipient from the Funndu Member Database

3.        Advertiser can demo their product or services (pre-recorded video or live) for a pre-determined timeframe multiple times during the event and will have exclusivity for the event

Example: Product Launch, Album Launch, Annual Corporate Event, etc.

•       Special Events

1.       Advertiser or Event Organizer can use the Funndu marketing engine and live stream facility to reach and broadcast the arena event to a specific demography, country, etc

Example: Hariharan and Zakir Hussain – Shaam Yeh Ghazal, Dubai, etc. 

•       Advertisement

1.       Advertiser can put up advertisements on the left and right panel of the portal

2.        Advertisement page display driven by Funndu Smart engine

3.        User click will redirect them to the advertiser’s website