Sowmya Raoh

Sowmya Raoh
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April 23
“Singing is like acting in front of the mike,” says Sowmya, whose voice has innumerable moods, tones and expressions. Believe it or not, her first stage performance was when she was just seven years old. Sowmya confesses that in the process of emulating her mother, veteran singer B. K. Sumitra, she held a book in front of her…and she held it upside down!

The pretty, petite, and poised lady, who has lent her voice to some of the most popular actresses of Bollywood, truly believes that she is simply a singer and not a ‘celebrity’, and would like to keep it that way. When she is not performing or lending her beautiful voice to an actress, Sowmya removes time to read. She jokes that while some people have ‘comfort food’, she prefers sitting with some comfort books…her favorite being Agatha Christie’s works. Also, she likes to dabble in and experiment with Photoshop. Sowmya exercises her grey cells on a regular basis by engaging in some online Scrabble games and Sudoku. She enjoys watching movies, too.

Be it fashion or her hair care routine, Sowmya likes to keep it simple, and believes in the ‘less is more’ mantra. Having said that, she enjoys the brightness and bubble that striking colors bring into her life. Here’s a little secret — on a day when she is feeling low, she dresses up in bright hues and that instantly lifts her mood! Sowmya likes to live in the present; neither does she look back in time, nor ahead. Her motto in life is - “I am a failure if I have not tried” and she believes in always striving harder to achieve perfection. Today, the otherwise content and level-headed Sowmya is still waiting for that one song that will truly challenge her vocal abilities. Here’s to the realization of the dream (um) of this powerhouse of talent!