Jolly Mukherjee

Jolly Mukherjee
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April 23
Jolly, who always believes in 'living up to his name', is someone who likes to spread joy not only by his music and notes, but also by practicing the simple yet important tenet of life- be happy, live and let live! His greatest inspiration, teacher, mentor and guide in the world of music has been the renowned and prolific singer
R D Burman.

London is Jolly’s favorite travel destination. He loves the city not only because of its incomparable beauty and mesmerizing charm, but also because it offers an unexplainable freedom to explore and discover, like no other place in the world. His Bengali roots and Indian-ness is evident in his fashion sense (he’s always dressed in a chic kurta - pyjama), and also in his choice of food - simple, traditional Bengali delicacies. He enjoys various kinds of Indian food, Parsi and Chinese cuisine too. His experimental nature isn't simply limited to the studio and stage, but also extends to his passion for cooking. And, what makes it even more interesting is that he likes to give every recipe his own personal twist and touch.

The man, who loves his art from the bottom of his heart, hopes and prays for budding singers and artists to concentrate on the foundation of singing and music, and not get lured by the fame and money. As he firmly believes that, “Fame and money will definitely come, but what’s most important is to love what you’re doing and concentrate on the learning process, with all seriousness and sincerity."