Anup Jalota

Anup Jalota
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April 23
Anup Jalota-ji's biggest inspiration is his father and guru, Padma Shri Purushottam Das Jalota. His father encouraged him to perform on stage when he was only seven years old. The 'Bhajan Samraat', as he is popularly known, has a side to him that is extremely fun-loving. He quips that while people often term him as a 'Sadhu' (saint or hermit), owing to the genre of songs he sings on stage, once off-stage he's like any other common man. Anup-ji loves non-vegetarian food and believes that what matters is what comes out of your mouth and not what goes in. He aptly notes that a man who eats non-vegetarian food and sings Bhajans (songs of devotion) is a lot better than someone who is a pure vegetarian but uses foul language.

Anup-ji's biggest professional milestone was the making of ''Bhajan Sandhya''. The recording was done live at the Hare Krishna Ram Mandir. He believes that music adds melody to his life and gives him strength to do other interesting things in life like being the editor of ''Tathastu'', a bi-monthly magazine and trying his hand in acting and producing films.

Anup-ji is most comfortable in a regular t-shirt and jeans or shorts. However, he wears kurta pyjama or traditional Indian clothes when he is performing at a concert or is at a formal event. He loves to travel across India because of the excellent hospitality offered. His favorite travel destinations are Kashmir, Dharamsala, Sikkim, Shimla and Nainital. Two of his greatest passions in life are watching films and playing cricket. In fact he was a great batsman during his college years. Interestingly, his son Aryaman also shares his passion for cricket and is a great bowler. While Anup-ji played as a batsman, Aryaman aces at bowling. With a passion for the finer things in life, Anup-ji is a man who truly lives his life to the fullest!