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April 23
One of Shaan's most impactful childhood memories is that of his father, late music director Manas Mukherjee, calling him to sing "Meri Bigdi Hui Taqdeer" (my awful destiny) in front of some guests. Ironically, his voice would crack in the midst of the Bhajan (song of devotion), with the lyrics literally echoing the state of his mind! Shaan has had a long and interesting journey since then, it's his positive attitude that has always kept him going and helped him to achieve numerous awards and accolades.

Shaan is one of the few Indian singers who have collaborated with international singers. He doesn't believe in having a signature style, he rather prefers approaching every song in a fresh, new way. If not a singer, he would have liked to explore into investigative journalism, or perhaps advertising. Shaan enjoys playing sports, especially cricket, as it keeps him fit and young and allows him to appreciate the smaller pleasures of life. This true-blue Bengali boy totally loves seafood. Exploring the history of places interests Shaan, as it takes him to a different era.

"I've only just woken up now, and 'now' is the most interesting phase for me", says the optimistic Libran man. He is all set to treat his audience to some beautiful music and lyrics in the near future. But while he is doing so much professionally, in his personal world, the one thing that Shaan loves doing the most is, playing the role of a loving yet disciplined father of his two sons. He's India's shaan (pride), indeed!