Rupankar Bagchi

Rupankar Bagchi
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April 23
A perfect blend of old-world charm and modernity, singer-composer Rupankar showcased his prowess at music from a very early age. He comes from a family with a rich cultural background and received his music training during his formative years from his parents. He has gained an enviable popularity in Bengal and the impact was such that in one situation a man made him sing for an hour at gunpoint.

Many of Rupankar's musical numbers like "Gobhire Jao" from the film "Baishe Srabon" (2011) earned him accolades from all quarters. He has proved his genius in composing numbers for other artistes too. He has a band named "Atmaa" and he has done numerous stage shows and concerts in India and abroad. Other than music, he has a keen interest in cricket, theatre and films. Contrary to the trend of the industry, Rupankar is known to be verbally quite direct and has often found himself in hard-hitting situations for his honesty.

He likes to think of himself as a regular North Kolkata boy and fondly recalls his childhood days full of cricket and chat sessions with his friends. Rupankar as a child was very close to his grandmother and had spent most of his childhood listening to her sing. "I love being a Bong and love Kolkata", he says and plans to retire from performances by 55 and open a music academy for suburban children far away from the city. He also plans to try his hands at music therapy. A private person, who loves his family and city, Rupankar doesn't have plans to make it big in Bollywood.