Srikanto Acharya

Srikanto Acharya
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April 23
Srikanto Acharya has a wide repertoire of songs, ranging from Ghazals to Tagore's songs. Surprisingly, though he had never got a professional training in music, he eventually became one of the finest singers of Bengal. He realizes the importance of a formal training in music and wishes to set up an institute, which will help the future generations to cultivate a finer taste for different art forms.

A passionate listener of music right from his childhood, the singer developed a close companionship with the radio. Since he came from a normal middle class Bengali family, a career in music was never a choice. But things began to change when he gave up his job right before the birth of his daughter to pursue music. With a dream in his heart and strong support from his wife and long time benefactor ''Dulal-da'', owner of the music store Melody, Srikanto Acharya got his first break soon after. His first albums "Hey Bondhu Hey Priyo" and "Moner Janala" were instant hits and he never looked back. Srikanto believes that he has been extremely lucky in his career and feels honored to have shared the stage with veteran artistes like Manna Dey and Sandhya Mukherjee.

Passionate about his music, Srikanto tries never to miss a good Indian Classical Music concert and has even given up his own shows for some of them. A true Bengali at heart, he loves the old "boi-para" (book market) of College Street and is drawn by the smell of old books. Srikanto adores Satyajit Ray's films and in his spare time likes watching his films.