Bickram Ghosh

Bickram Ghosh
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April 23
Bickram's various albums like “Rhythmscape”, Electro-Classical (Best fusion album award 2011), Transformation (Best fusion album 2012), Vandemataram (GIMA award 2012 for best single) etc, have been extremely successful and he has been touring the world with his band named Rhythmscape. Bickram admits that his exposure while playing with the legendary Sitar player and Grammy award winner, Pandit Ravi Shankar, in every corner of the world opened new vistas for him to create and learn. A voracious reader and lover of literature, Bickram was taught by his father, tabla maestro Pandit Shankar Ghosh and Pandit S. Sekhar of the Carnatic tradition. Bickram grew up in an atmosphere where different forms of music thrived.

He specializes in the unique style of body and face drumming and attributes his success in different musical forms to his extensive travels and foreign friends. He started experimenting with sounds on the body from the early 90’s and realized one could create a new brand of music out of it. He is an ardent fan of Amitabh Bachchan and loves listening to Kishore Kumar numbers. He plans to give shape to the thousand buzzing albums that have found place in his imaginations and is busy composing alongside Sonu Nigam for Bollywood flicks like “Jal”, “Sooper se Ooper” and other projects. He is working to bring forward yet another innovation in music called Drumime, the collaboration of the mime and drumming. He has his hands full with film projects (he has so far directed music in 16 films), writing scripts for stage musicals, performing concerts, creating albums and presenting shows.

At some point in life, Bickram wants to create an art institute for children and teach there. He loves reminiscing the days of being a lecturer at Rabindra Bharati and Visva Bharati universities. He swears by Ayn Rand’s Fountainhead and has a penchant for Japanese and Mediterranean food. Other than his unquestionable devotion towards his music, which he refers to as his "Sadhana", Bickram is a family man. When he is not working he loves to relax with his wife, Jaya and his son, Tatin by taking them to a restaurant or a movie.