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April 23
The Padma Shri recipient and a true genius who is known for his utterly captivating renditions in several languages and genres, attributes his insight to his life in Mumbai, the melting pot of cultures. From his childhood he attended a number of different music training classes, all on the same day. This training has subconsciously helped him to maintain a balance between different genres and languages.

When he’s travelling, Hariharan enjoys Chinese food. French cuisine is also close to his heart. But closest to his heart is a home cooked South Indian meal! The foodie confesses that he can’t cook anything beyond an omelette to save his life! A qualified lawyer, Hariharan also loves dabbling in interior design. If not a singer, his heart and mind could have taken him to the drawings and designs of the world of interiors.

Hariharan is known for his inimitable style of fashion. From having the 'Dev Anand' puff of hair at the age of seven, to wearing torn clothes, kurtas and faded jeans, courtesy the Woodstock Festival, he has always loved dressing up. Colonial Cousins gave birth to a completely new Hariharan, who looked dapper in a Sherwani and a classy new hairstyle. Hariharan’s passions and interests are as creative as crazy, but his ultimate love was, is and will always be music!