Raghab Chatterjee

Raghab Chatterjee
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April 23
Trained in Indian classical music, singer Raghab Chatterjee is a household name, recognized for his soulful music. For the young listeners, his songs are an amalgamation of different textures of classical and the modern forms. His voice, that roams along the three octaves with unassuming ease, has a special charm that attracts the different genres of music lovers.

A thorough professional with a panache for fusion music, Raghab draws his inspiration from popular western music bands like Pink Floyd, Scorpions and also Indian legends like Md. Rafi, R D Barman, Salil Chowdhury and the likes. His albums – “Bandish Fusion (vol 1 and 2)” and “Raga Rocks” have been super hits. He believes in blending pure classical with different kinds of instruments, lending it a modern touch. He has sung for Bollywood films like “Devdas”, “Raincoat”, “Parinita” etc. He has also lent his voice to Bengali films like “Bandhan”, “Suvodristi”, “Chaturango” and a number of TV serials. He feels no singer is complete without his or her band of instrument players.

Raghab comes from a family of musicians and is an avid foodie. He loves his fish, sweets and street food but doesn’t mind experimenting with world cuisines. Not a lot of people are familiar with the gizmo freak in him. He loves his engineering tools as much as the next door geek. A thorough Bengali at heart, Raghab would never forsake his city and its people for the glitz and glamour of Bollywood. He never travels without his copy of Satyajit Ray books and wishes to record a song someday with the Mangeshkar sisters.